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AC-D: Adelaine dela Sconciosa by RaineCaelum AC-D: Adelaine dela Sconciosa by RaineCaelum
For :iconac-doctrina:
I really do hope I get in! Ah...this history again is soo...//sobs
Edit: Aha. Yes! I got in!
Feel free to note me if you would like to rp. I mostly roleplay through notes and Skype~!
:new: Update (03/13): Updated a bit of her personality and history.
Name: Adelaine dela Sconciosa
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3
Birthplace: Ghent, Belgium
Occupation: Assassin/Innkeeper's helper
Rank: Recluta
HP: 5
STR: 3
DEF: 3
DEX: 4
AGI: 5

-sweets and pastries
-playing dress up

-getting seasick
-annoying minstrels


Adelaine has always gotten into trouble because of her curious but blunt, mischievous personality. She would always want to learn something new, be it a skill or reading. She does not fail to bring her enthusiasm up to the point of annoyance of her grandfather. In a softer side, the brunette could easily turn red, maybe out of embarrassment or someone complimented her. Her quick reaction to respond slows and such an embarrassing moment might end up with her stuttering or speechless.

Besides her quick-witted attitude towards others, Adelaine is loyal and stays true to her word, just don't betray her trust. She’s dedicated to her work and family and she will never forget a promise, especially her promise to her grandfather.


Trade was flourishing in the Northern part of Europe and the textile business in Ghent grew and grew. This led to the exchange between Netherlands and Italy. A lot of musicians, architects, painters and sculptors came from both countries and worked for either of them. An Italian sculptor named Matteo dela Sconciosa came to Netherlands in the name of work. For many years, he worked and finally settled in a town near Ghent. He settled down and married Elisabeth de Vries, daughter of a Dutch baker. They had two kids in the life of their marriage, a first-born son whom they named Alfons and a daughter named Adelaine.

Even as a child, Adelaine showed curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Her mother taught her how to sew, cook and read while her father taught both his children his native tongue, Italian. But Adelaine was not content. She could see the things being taught to her brother and wanted to learn what was being taught to him too. Both her parents did not agree to teach her the same subjects as like her brother. This led to tantrums, shouting, and door slamming but her parents’ decision was final. One night, after one of the fights, a knock came from her door. It was her older brother, Alfons. He hurriedly came into the room and locked the door behind him. She did not get what he was saying at first. It took a while for her to understand what he meant. Alfons has decided to teach her what he knew; in exchange that she does his share of chores. Despite the fact that she hates doing chores, she agreed to his proposition.

When Adelaine was ten years old, the family received unexpected visitors. Matteo did not expect to find his father and brother at his front door. Warmly welcoming them into his home, he introduced them to his family. Adelaine did not know how to react, as to her, she sees them as strangers. Alfons on the other hand, welcomed both of them warmly.

During the duration of their stay, Adelaine noticed something weird in their household. She found her grandfather, Marco, and Alfons, together outside holding something to what looks like wooden swords. At night, she would notice that the three dela Sconciosa men would gather in her father’s study and lock the door behind them. She could hear whispers and sometimes, the slamming of fists on the table. Disturbed by this, she asked her mother what was happening but Elisabeth only shook her head.
A few days later, Marco asked his granddaughter to go with him to a nearby town. This was a chance for the two to bond together. They spent the whole day outside, far away from home. It was fun, for he kept on telling her stories of his adventures and his homeland. But as they were reaching home, Marco saw smoke from a distance. Adelaine wasn’t sure what was happening. Marco led her to a safe place, and told her to hide here with the promise he will come back for her. The eleven year old girl lost count of time, and fell asleep in her hiding place. It was dawn when she was woken up. She saw her grandfather, covered in soot and grave-stricken. Without uttering a single word, she followed her grandfather back to town, or at least what was remained of it.

She kept on asking why this had happened but she did not expect her grandfather to answer. The Italian man told her that they have been expecting it a long time, an attack from the opposing side. It was then he told her about the Assassins, what they stood for and who they protect. He told her that their whole family was assassins, he himself, her uncle Cristoforo, and her father and mother. She didn’t want to believe him at first, but he continued his story. The reason why Matteo went to Northern Europe, far away from his home is because of a contract. A single contract led to many and his stay there extended. He was in one of his missions when he met Elisabeth, a fellow Assassin. Their missions seem to coincide with each other, Elisabeth being an ally and giving the following information to Matteo. They both didn’t want to tell their children who they actually were, in order to keep them safe. But when Marco and Cristoforo came, they knew they have to tell them sooner or later. Marco did have the intention to train Alfons into an assassin, but he did notice that there seems to be an upcoming danger, and the rumors of a traitor between their midst. There was silence between them both until Adelaine asked him to teach her to become an Assassin, with the intention to find out who did this and prevent it from happening again. Marco said that she was too young, but he will teach her in time.

With Marco as her only know family relative left, she traveled with him back to Roma. For years, she lived with her grandfather in a small villa. Marco kept true to his word. He taught her how to be an assassin. He taught her how to fight and defend herself, but also taught her other subjects like medicine. But there are days where there were no lessons at all, for there were visitors wearing hoods and Adelaine knew to stay away for a while. It was business and she was too young to know what they were talking about.

Marco’s draining health was no secret to Adelaine when she was nearing eighteen years old. He was always bedridden and Adelaine tried her best to make her grandfather happy. It was nighttime when Marco called for her to his study. As she entered, she saw him holding clothing, assassin’s clothes. He didn’t have enough time left but he wanted to make sure that his teachings were not in vain. He told her that he protected Italy for almost all his life as an assassin, and he noticed the same spirit within his own granddaughter. Adelaine said that she grew to love Italy and she will protect it, just like he did.

Before she left, Adelaine saw her grandfather was of early morning the next day. He was sleeping peacefully in his bed as she came in with a letter, thanking him for everything and informing him that she was to join the Brotherhood. With that, she left the small villa, and headed straight to find the Brotherhood.

Now within their ranks, Adelaine spends most of her days doing missions given to her. At the end of the day's work, she would work as an innkeeper's helper at her grandfather's inn, who's strength surprisingly went back up after the news his only living grandchild became an assassin, just like him. Days after hearing the news, he established the inn just beside their home.

Being an innkeeper's helper at night but an assassin full-time, Adelaine knew that this is just the beginning.

Marco dela Sconciosa – Grandfather (Alive)
Matteo dela Sconciosa – Father (deceased)
Elisabeth dela Sconciosa y de Vries – Mother (deceased)
Alfons dela Sconciosa – Brother (deceased)
Cristoforo dela Sconciosa – Uncle (deceased)


Training Sword


Additional Info:
-Has a Hovawart pet dog named Tybalt
-She’s allergic to cats
-She tends to get easily seasick if traveling by boat. If she's been on one for more than a day, expect that she'll be out of commission depending on the sea travel for a couple of days
-She's also hydrophobic so no swimming for her
-She speaks and reads Italian fluently but not much of her mother’s language which is German. She's trying though.

Current Florins: 900 f
Total Florins: 900 f
((More info will be added and edited soon as the story progresses))
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